Systemic in-house seminars

Constellation methods to meet your specific needs

Why systemic constellations?

The company isn't booming, the customers are drifting away, innovation is at a standstill – What's wrong? A rational analysis can provide you with pieces of the problem, but never the whole picture. Systemic constellations give you the missing link. Success with this method in companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, IBM, and BMW has contributed to a booming interest in Europe.

The success of individuals and organisations, like the success of a football team, depends upon each person in the line-up being in the right position, with a clear acknowledgement of their performance and position. This optimal fit within the system promotes synergy.

When the systemic structure of a team, company or market becomes clear, it is obvious what has to happen next. Individuals who are not involved in the problem situation are used to represent people or parts of the company and a trained consultant uses feedback from the representatives to reveal hidden dynamics and point to solutions.

How does the seminar work?

After an introduction into systemic principles and mode of action you become aquainted with systemic constellation practically by working on your individual cases.

Evening seminars

We welcome you to our evening seminars in Munich! You can either familarize yourself with our approach by just watching and get a gimpse of it or use our facilitation to work out a practical resolution