Comments of participants

  • We have completedquite a few training, however thiseducational program advanced us personally and professionally.
    Ulrike W., CEO
  • A successful advanced training, the mixture of input, exercise and supervision was absolutely right for me.
    Sonia D., hr manager
  • Despite long term experience with systemic approaches I finally fully grasped how systemic coaching functions in practice. I will recommend this advanced training to my colleagues.
    Alexander M., consultant and trainer
  • Klaus Horn´s and Regine Brick´s didactical concept is unique Never before have I learned so fast.
    Gabriella B., hr manager
  • Learning with fun and depth. Atruly high class training.
    Dr. Eckart G., consultant
  • The leaders convinced me by high professional competence and heart. Their focus was from thevery beginning my learning process.
    Josef B. , trainer
  • Combining constellationwork with your systemic coaching approach makes organisational constellation practicable for me. My customers are just as enthusiastic as I am.
    Nicolò T. , coach and trainer
  • The macro-micro-coaching approach helped me to make considerable progress even though I already worked with systemic coaching.
    Marianne L. hr manager
  • I feel fit in a new method…. And can only simply recommend you. I enjoyed the intensive work and the relaxed learning in a beautiful environment
    Brigitte E., entrepreneur