With commitment, competence and operational know-how quite a few challenges can be met successfully in your day-to-day business. However not all of them. What to do if classical tools of management, consulting and training fail? When problems seem unsolvable and targets unreachable? Sometimes you will find the resolution where you would never have expected it. But are you sure where to look?

The obvious is most difficult to find!
Rational analysis, valuable as it is, can only take you half way. It can point at pieces, but it can never provide you with the whole picture.

Systemic Coaching provides you with the missing link.
This new and highly effective method wastes neither time nor money skipping around on the surface, but goes directly to the root of your decision or problem.

As your coaches we support you with our systemic-psychological approach and our first-hand experience. We call our approach macro-micro-coaching.

Macro-micro-coaching enables you trace a problem or symptom in your company-system (macro) and/or the corresponding personal-systems (micro).

With this resolution focussed coaching you extend your choice of decisions and actions arriving at a new stability.